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Qualified Vocal Coach and VIP authorised instructor.

For over a decade Claire has been dedicated to developing voices. Claire's clients include amateur and professional ​performers, leading speakers and charting recording artists. 

Claire specialises in teaching advanced vocal technique to both contemporary music artists and musical theatre performers in order to improve vocal function and overall vocal health.

Claire Cannon

"Claire has helped me massively with my vocal technique and ability. I feel much more confident hitting those high notes and I cant wait to carry it through into performing."


Singer/Songwriter - Island Records

Jordan Charles

In 2020, I almost completely lost my voice and I wasn't sure if I'd ever be able to sing as I had before. Working with Claire over just a few months has not only brought my voice back, but opened up new abilities and techniques. My voice has never been better

Jordan Charles

All Together Now - Vox Clever - Starstruck

Atalia Mai Cornelia

"I really enjoy my singing lessons with Claire, she has really helped me prepare my voice for my professional work."

Atalia - Mai

Gretel - The Sound of Music - International Tour

Nativity - UK Tour


Vocology in practice

VIP Authorised Instructor


Diploma in Voice


Degree in Performing Arts - Music


BAST Graduate

The Voice Collece

Certification in Contemporary Vocal Teaching

Vocal Health

Qualified Vocal Health First Aider


Based in Warrington, Cheshire, UK
and online worldwide
Singing Lessons and Vocal Performance Coaching

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